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Reduced Allergies with All-Female Buffalograss


Millions of Americans suffer from the pollen that is produced by plants, including their lawns. In fact, lawns are some of the worst offenders. Like other plants in our landscapes, most grasses are male and female. The male produces the pollen and pollinates the female to produce seed. That’s how the plant reproduces. But there are ways to reduce the symptoms of allergy ...and asthma sufferers. Researchers and plant breeders have worked for decades slowly developing plants that are “female only”, meaning the plants have no “male” to produce pollen. They can be an allergy sufferer’s best friend. But since they do not produce pollen or viable seed, they must be propagated to create a plant to give shade, beautify a landscape or establish a lawn.



Only two turfgrasses are considered “pollen free” by the Society for Allergy Friendly Environmental Gardening. www.safegardening.org One of these is Prestige Buffalograss, developed by the University of Nebraska, and the other one is UC Verde Buffalograss, developed by the University of California. Two others are considered “low pollen”, Legacy Buffalograss and Bella Bluegrass. Both were developed by the University of Nebraska. If pollen makes you or anyone in your family miserable, consider an “all-female” lawn. It won’t totally cure your asthma but it can help alleviate your symptoms.

For more information on Allergy Friendly Plant, visit the SAFE Gardening Website.    

Note: Exclusive worldwide rights to Prestige Buffalograss, UC Verde Buffalograss, Legacy Buffalograss and Bella Bluegrass are owned by Todd Valley Farms. Unauthorized production is prohibited. Protected by United States patents.

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