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  • Root protection during hot, dry periods

  • Greater plant root and biomass development

  • More consistent plant size and crop quality across fields

  • Reduced compaction, which can reduce the number and size of localized dry spots

  • Improved water management, which can lower labor and energy costs

  • Higher plant survival rates and consistently higher quality plants

  • Better rate of seed germination and shorter seed germination time

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Boost Root Dip is a unique superabsorbent polymer based on natural cornstarch, making it biodegradable, nontoxic and odorless. As a starch-based polymer, Boost Root Dip is made up of glucose molecules, which are linked together chemically to become a water-insoluble, net-like matrix in the form of a hydrogel that holds and releases water for use by plants as needed.

The immense size and weight of its molecular structure sets Boost Root Dip apart. These anionic units are able to absorb up to 400 times their original weight. The Boost Root Dip hydrogel slowly releases just the right amount of encapsulated moisture in response to plant root suction.

The hydrogel easily rehydrates and stores more water as moisture enters the soil. This process is repeated hundreds of times over a growing season or more before Boost Root Dip loses effectiveness.

By keeping the right amount of moisture available to the plugs, the roots are able to grow faster and attach to the soil sooner.  A healthy microenvironment is created in the soil that provides plants with the moisture and nutrients necessary for successful growth.


Boost Root Dip helps protect cuttings and root systems from drying out before planting and after transplanting. The Boost Root Dip coating also helps extend plant shelf life during transportation and decreases plant stress for improved stand development.

Packaged as a fine powder, it can be mixed with water to form a slurry, similar in appearance to pancake batter.

Boost Root Dip is ideal for growing, storing and shipping nursery stock, Christmas trees, vegetable starts, forestry seedlings and other products.

We highly recommend using Boost Root dip when planting your grass plugs.  Boost Root Dip will reduce the water and time required to establish the plugs.  Simply mix Boost Root Dip with water, dip each plug in the solution and plant as normal.

(A small amount of Root Dip will go a long way, but you can always use it on other plants, not just the grass plugs.)


Q. Is residue left in the soil over time?

A. No. Boost is completely biodegradable. Cornstarch, the main component, is a food source for microorganisms present in the soil. So, even after biodegrading, what remains functions as a soil amendment to improve aeration and other soil characteristics.


Q. Does Boost Root Dip alter soil pH?

A. No. Boost granules are pH-neutral and will work well within a pH environment range of 6 to 10.


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