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Vegetative Turf-type Buffalograss Seasonal Tips


In early spring, [or late winter in southern locations] mow your buffalograss to a height of 1 inch.  This will remove the old grass debris and allow the sun to warm the soil faster so your buffalograss will green up earlier.  Since you are helping the ground warm earlier than normal, you will need to apply a pre-emergent or a fertilizer with crabgrass and/or annual grassy weed control at this time.  Any product available at your garden center should be OK to use.  Read and follow the label.  Repeat this application at a ½ rate in 6-8 weeks for season long control.


Your buffalograss is actively growing at its best during the warm summer months.  This is the time to fertilize.  Apply your first application when the daytime temperatures are consistently in the 70’s.  Always use high quality slow release fertilizer.  Water immediately after applying to activate the fertilizer. Repeat application in 30-45 days.  In southern climates a third treatment can be beneficial 45 days after the second.  Any broad leaf weeds can be treated with a chemical application.  DO NOT use any product that contains 2 4-D during the hot temperatures of the summer.  This may stunt the grass but it should not cause permanent damage.  Water only if additional moisture is needed.  Mow to your desired height.


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Fall maintenance should be minimal.  Water if needed.   The late fall is an excellent time to control any broadleaf weeds.  During this cool weather any broadleaf weed control may be used, including 2-4D products.  You may also control any unwanted perennial grasses or hard to kill broadleaf weeds during the late fall.  Once you have had 3 hard freezes with the temperatures reaching the 20’s, it is safe to apply a non-selective herbicide like Round-up® or other glysophate herbicide.  This should kill anything except your buffalograss.  DO NOT apply before 3 hard freezes.


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