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Grass Plug Tray Price List 2017

Click here for the recommended Planting Dates.

Type of PlugSpacing1-5 trays6-49 trays50 trays and up
Legacy Buffalograss (70 cell)12"-18"$49.00$46.00$43.00
Prestige Buffalograss (70 cell)12"-18"$49.00$46.00$43.00
UC Verde Buffalograss (70 cell)12"-18"$55.00$52.00$49.00
Bella Bluegrass (70 cell)6" - 12"$49.00$46.00$43.00
Greenspan Fescue (70 cell)6"-12"$49.00$46.00$43.00
Zenith Zoysia (70 cell)6" - 12"$44.00$41.00$38.00
Hachita Blue Grama (70 cell)6" - 12"$44.00$41.00$38.00
Plug Accessories 


Boost 1 oz Packet (1000 plugs)$17.99

Boost 1 lb Container (16000 plugs)$109.99
Soil Auger$18.95
Shipping and Handling
Minimum Charge$14.00
Bella 19%
Zoysia & Blue Grama19%
Plugs Needed Calculation
InstructionsSpacing Desired# to Multiply By
1. Measure area to be plugged to find sq ft.18" on center0.44
2. Multiply sq ft by number correlating15" on center0.64
     with desired spacing to find plug total.12" on center1.00
3. Take plug total and divide by number9" on center1.78
     of plugs per tray to find tray total.6" on center4.00

Legacy, Prestige, UC Verde, Zenith Zoysia and Blue Grama Grass Plugs Recommended Planting Dates


Plant Hardiness Zone Map


Planting Dates

ZonesEstimated Planting Dates
Zone 11February 15 through November 15
Zone 10February 15 through November 1
Zone 9March 10 through October 15
Zone 8March 15 through October 15
Zone 7April 1 through October 1
Zone 6April 20 through September 15
Zone 5May 1 through September 10
Zone 4May 1 through September 1
Zone 3May 10 through August 20
Zone 2May 20 through August 1


Bella Bluegrass Plugs can be installed any time of the year that the ground is not frozen in the recommended planting areas.


Fall and winter are preferred planting times for the Greenspan Fescue Plugs, but they may be planted year round at any time that the ground is not frozen in the recommended planting areas.


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