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Available as Grass Plug Trays Only


  • Grows as far south as Central Florida where other Fescues won’t survive

  • Should remain green year round in Planting Zones 8 and 9

  • Grows in full sun or partial shade

  • Aggressive rhizomes quickly repair damage areas

  • Deep roots take advantage of natural rainfall

  • Dark green color

  • Disease resistant

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Greenspan Spreading Fescue was developed in Australia.  After years of breeding and testing in Australia’s warm sub-tropical climate, this unique grass has gone through more testing in the United States and is now available for purchase in the south and southeastern areas of the country.  These areas include southern Oklahoma, Texas [except the panhandle], Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida as well as southwestern Arizona and southeastern California.  The cold hardiness of Greenspan is still being evaluated and it is not recommended for the colder climates at this time. 

Greenspan has a medium textured leaf blade, dark green color and a very aggressive root system with rhizomes allowing it to spread and establish quickly from plugs.  These rhizomes also allow the grass to repair itself and remain thick which will help prevent undesirable plants from invading the lawn.  One great advantage is its ability to remain green 365 days a year in the recommended growing areas. Greenspan is established by plugs only. It does not produce viable seed.

Greenspan Fescue Planting Dates

Fall and winter are the preferred plantings times but it may be planted year round.  Greenspan plugs can be installed anytime the ground is not frozen in the recommended planting areas.

Plug Tray Shipping Information

Most shipping is done on Mondays to try to prevent plugs from sitting in a warehouse or on a truck over the weekend.  Since we ship from the middle of the US, we are able to reach both coasts by Friday.


How To: Measure Your Yard │  Prepare the Soil   │   Plug Installation Instructions    │  Maintenance of Greenspan

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