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Water Saver® RTF® Sod

"The Only Sod You'll Ever Need!"®



Also available as Turf Saver RTF Seed


Self-repairing turf

  • Fills in open areas in the lawn by means of rhizomes

  • Knits the lawn together

  • Quickly fills in damaged or open spots with new shoots of grass

Strong, deep root system

  • Ability to draw its moisture from a deep profile

  • Excellent drought and heat tolerance with less irrigation

  • Excellent in the transition zone climate

Produces a thick even lawn

  • Ability to repair itself – repairs open areas within a lawn

  • Produces rhizomes that initiate new grass growth


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What is RTF® sod?

RTF [ rhizomatous tall fescue] is an advanced turf-type tall fescue that produces  rhizomes. Rhizomes are small underground lateral shoots that allow a plant to spread laterally.  This enables the turf area to self repair itself.  This self healing trait has been limited to bluegrass. Fescue, which is classified as a "clump grass" has never had this ability.  Now you can have a lawn with the best traits of  both bluegrass and fescue in one grass, Water Saver RTF Sod.


"The Only Sod You'll Ever Need!"®

RTF Water Saver Sod is so scientifically advanced it was awarded a patent. Unlike other fescues RTF does not produce “ugly clumps" and is self-repairing by means of rhizomes; underground roots that spread and fill in bare or thin spots. RTF also uses less water than other fescues, is disease resistant and repels surface feeding insects.

RTF is so revolutionary, Barenbrug USA, the seed company that developed it has entered into a license agreement with the RTF Turf Producers Association.  This association was developed with the sole purpose of producing and marketing RTF fescue sod.  Headquartered at Mead, Nebraska, this association licenses turf producers around the country to produce this remarkable new sod.  Only the best turf farms will be allowed to grow RTF fescue.  Todd Valley Farms is one of the few farms in the world to receive this honor.  We serve the Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines and northern Kansas City metro area.   To learn more about RTF "Water Saver" sod, go to www.rtfsod.com.

What about other fescues with Rhizomes?

Technically speaking, virtually all fescues can produce a rhizome.  But these will only grow to be about ¼ inch long making it pretty much useless.  They do not prevent the wide bladed clumps that fescues are noted for.  These so called rhizomes do not self repair in a reasonable time.  While not totally false, these claims are very misleading.  RTF is the only fescue to receive a US  Patent.  Patents are only granted if the grass has a very unique difference compared to other varieties in the same species.  Rhizomes were listed as this unique difference.

RTF Water Saver Sod

 Barenbrug USA Turf Product Manager, John Rector discusses and evaluates rhizome development in 2 year old sod samples in the video below.  (If the video doesn't play, follow this link: Got Rhizomes?


Excellent color and disease resistance

  • Withstands stressful weather conditions

  • Holds its rich green color, even through winter’s low temperatures

Rapid germination and quick spring green-up

  • Establishes quickly

  • Early spring green-up – have a greener lawn earlier in the spring

Higher value for the home owner than conventional tall fescues

  • Ordinary tall fescues require overseeding maintenance for things such as wear, weed problems and clumps. RTF results in less overseeding, fewer weed problems and no "wide-leafed ugly clumps" of tall fescue plants in open areas.

Higher value for the homeowner than conventional tall fescues...

"When I first learned of your seed, I was skeptical at best, but willing to try anything in the shade under the burr oaks that produced nothing more than mud in my yard.  The RTF was not only the perfect solution for that area, but I am now living with the value of the low water requirements of the RTF.   My house backs to a large treed park.  The lawn is so beautiful even the parks personnel comment on it."


-Fred Assam, South Dakota


Golf Course: Omaha Country Club

City: Omaha, Nebraska

Superintendent: Eric McPherson


The Omaha Country Club was the host of the 2013 U.S. Senior Open.   RTF Sod was used on the bunker faces and some of the surrounds and outside boundary areas at the Omaha Country Club.  It was held in July and water was shut off to most of the course in order to host the event.  The RTF held up well and was a beautiful dark green color on the bunker faces.





Golf Course: Players Club at Deer Creek

City: Omaha, Nebraska

Superintendent: Ahren Wonderlich

"We have been redesigning bunkers on our course this past year.  Our choice of grass for our new bunker faces is Turf Saver with RTF.  The reason for using Turf Saver with RTF is because it tolerates the heat and uses less water than other turf varieties.  Turf Saver with RTF rhizome production also holds up on the bunker faces compared to other Tall Fescues."



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