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Available as Sod and Seed

  • Rapid establishment, out-competes weeds
  • Superb wear tolerance
  • High turf density all year
  • Great for sod production
  • Fine leaf texture
  • Excellent dark green color
  • Suited for over seeding
  • Recommended by sports turf researchers


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Kentucky Bluegrass can withstand frequent mowing and intensive wear, and is widely used for sports fields, fairways, lawns and turf production.

Common varieties often suffer from summer heat or from mowing too low and are more prone to diseases. However, breeding has resulted in newly-improved varieties with better characteristics -- including disease resistance, color, texture, density, close mowing, and environmental tolerances.

Bluegrass is the traditional grass for Midwest lawns. It has dark green color from early spring until late fall.  Water and fertility requirements vary with the different varieties. We select varieties of seed for our fields which require the least amount of water and fertilizer but still give outstanding turf. At least one variety in our seed mix is shade tolerant.

Turf Blue SOD

Todd Valley Farms Turf Blue Bluegrass Sod is available as either Big Rolls or Slab Rolls.


Turf Blue Seed Blend

Turf Blue Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Blend is formulated to provide rapid establishment with exceptional turf quality and turf density.  The ingredients of Turf Blue have been selected for intensive traffic applications under frequent mowing. Through extensive research the seed blends of Kentucky bluegrass varieties have been created. When these exceptional varieties are combined they create a synergy that results in a better adapting, better performing unit.  Kentucky Bluegrass is a perennial sod-forming grass that spreads by strong rhizomes and seeds.


Turf Blue PLUS Seed Mix
Same great varieties as the Turf Blue above, with the addition of 20% Ryegrass Seed.  Available as Seed Only.

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