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Why Choose Bella™ Bluegrass?


Bella Bluegrass, the only dwarf, vegetative bluegrass in the turf industry, is sure to revolutionize the bluegrass market. It will only grow 2"-5" tall, so you will only have to mow once or twice a year. Bella has a extremely beautiful dark green color, and a very soft blade. Compared to other bluegrass standards, Bella has a very good rhizome system and better tolerates heat and drought. It also has much higher shade tolerance than your typical buegrass varities. Bella thrives in cold climates, and will grow in sand, sandy loam, clay or peat. You can expect Bella to retain fall color longer than many other turf selections and to green-up more quickly in the spring.





Bella™ Bluegrass Planting Chart

Bella Growing Zone

Bella™ Planting Dates



Zones                                               Estimated Planting Dates

Zone 11                                                     February 15 through November 15

Zone 10                                                   February 15 through November 1

Zone 9                                                     March 10 through October 15

Zone 8                                                      March 15 through October 15

Zone 7                                                      April 1 through October 1

Zone 6                                                      April 20 through September 15

Zone 5                                                      May 1 through September 10

Zone 4                                                      May 1 through September 1

Zone 3                                                      May 10 through August 20

Zone 2                                                      May 20 through August 1

The University of Nebraska is the developer and owner of Bella Bluegrass, Todd Valley Farms is the exclusive licensee.


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