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Why Choose Bella™ Bluegrass?


Bella™ Bluegrass, the only dwarf, vegetative bluegrass in the turf industry, is sure to revolutionize the bluegrass market. It will only grow 2"-5" tall, so you will only have to mow once or twice a year. Bella™ has a extremely beautiful dark green color, and a very soft blade. Compared to other bluegrass standards, Bella™ has a very good rhizome system and better tolerates heat and drought. It also has much higher shade tolerance than your typical buegrass varities. Bella™ thrives in cold climates, and will grow in sand, sandy loam, clay or peat. You can expect Bella™ to retain fall color longer than many other turf selections and to green-up more quickly in the spring.





Bella™ Bluegrass Planting Chart

Bella Growing Zone

Bella™ Planting Dates



Zones                                               Estimated Planting Dates

Zone 11                                                     February 15 through November 15

Zone 10                                                   February 15 through November 1

Zone 9                                                     March 10 through October 15

Zone 8                                                      March 15 through October 15

Zone 7                                                      April 1 through October 1

Zone 6                                                      April 20 through September 15

Zone 5                                                      May 1 through September 10

Zone 4                                                      May 1 through September 1

Zone 3                                                      May 10 through August 20

Zone 2                                                      May 20 through August 1

The University of Nebraska is the developer and owner of Bella Bluegrass, Todd Valley Farms is the exclusive licensee.


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