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Why Choose Celebration® Bermudagrass?


Celebration has a striking blue-green color and soft texture.  It tolerates drought and cold, and has a higher degree of shade tolerance than other bermudagrasses. Celebration offers specifiers, landscapers, golf course designers, sportsturf managers and homeowners exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of applications. Celebration requires less mowing and water than typical bermudagrass varieties. It has tight runners, rhizomes, and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength.




Where it Will Grow Map

Bermudagrass Planting Dates



Zones                                               Estimated Planting Dates

Zone 11                                                     February 15 through November 15

Zone 10                                                   February 15 through November 1

Zone 9                                                     March 10 through October 15

Zone 8                                                      March 15 through October 15

Zone 7                                                      April 1 through October 1

Zone 6                                                      April 20 through September 15

Zone 5                                                      May 1 through September 10


Celebration® is a registered Trademark of Sod Solutions, Inc and only licensed turfgrass producers are authorized to grow  Celebration®.


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