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Why Choose Empire® Zoysiagrass?


Empire Turf® is an improved zoysiagrass that elevates the standards and expectations for warm season turfgrasses.  Empire Turf® utilizes exceptional drought tolerance and lower chemical needs to meet “green building” standards. With soft-to-the-touch feel, fine tight-bladed growth and lush green color, Empire Turf® exhibits durability in the landscape while maintaining functionality.  Developed in Brazil, Empire Turf® thrives in harsh tropical climates, yet also exhibits excellent cold hardiness. Empire Turf® needs less water and maintenance than most other turfgrasses: in some instances, once naturalized to the local climate, Empire Turf® requires minimal care.



Where it Will Grow Map

Zoysiagrass Planting Dates



Zones                                               Estimated Planting Dates

Zone 11                                                     February 15 through November 15

Zone 10                                                   February 15 through November 1

Zone 9                                                     March 10 through October 15

Zone 8                                                      March 15 through October 15

Zone 7                                                      April 1 through October 1

Zone 6                                                      April 20 through September 15

Zone 5                                                      May 1 through September 10


Empire Turf® is a registered Trademark of Sod Solutions, Inc and only licensed turfgrass producers are authorized to grow Empire Turf®.


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