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Why Choose Zenith® Zoysia?


Zoysia grass is a warm season grass that is common in the southern region of the United States.  In the northern areas of the U.S., its growing season is much shorter than bluegrass or fescue, but it still found a place in some yards because its dense carpet prevented most weed growth, and its aggressive growth pattern, although slow, let it spread and take over undesirable weeds and grasses. Due to its thick canopy, Zenith® does require a high amount of mowing.


Zenith® zoysia grass uses less water than bluegrass or fescue and in general requires less maintenance.  Since turf-type buffalograss was developed, the use of zoysia in the north has declined but there is still a demand for it, mainly for repairing older zoysia lawns. Zenith® is also an improved variety with excellent color and exhibits good cold tolerance.


Zoysia Planting Dates



Zones                                               Estimated Planting Dates

Zone 11                                                     February 15 through November 15

Zone 10                                                   February 15 through November 1

Zone 9                                                     March 10 through October 15

Zone 8                                                      March 15 through October 15

Zone 7                                                      April 1 through October 1

Zone 6                                                      April 20 through September 15

Zone 5                                                      May 1 through September 10

Zone 4                                                      May 1 through September 1

Zone 3                                                      May 10 through August 20

Zone 2                                                      May 20 through August 1


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